a dialectics of violence

Save on your mental shortcuts
in attempt to relive a second
that we just finished living!

That is always a trip:
through my mental roadblocks,
on my mental paternoster.

and I purposely forget the mnemonic,
a conjuration–
an abracadabra
that we just expelled on each other.

Take your perfume and a crossbow
and go hunt alligators in The Miami-Dade sewer system.

and I’ll do the dishes after the dinner.


an independence day

​A girl in American Flag dress
is dancing under the fireworks
and the pouring rain
at the casino parking lot.

While I’m siting in my car,
two immigrations behind,
watching the burning sky.

We are both happy
with where are we now,
yet I can’t get myself wet,
to celebrate that night.

a circus

A red clown–
standing upside down:
dismembered-dressed by the cubist mind
into the geometrical psychosis;
balancing on his red nose
on the tip of a pyramid.

and a white clown is cycling around,

I don’t laugh.

(annoyed and tired)

I Need a drink or a joint, or both.

(I really don’t mind)

Hence that will be a bad example
to the children around.

And as follows anxiety and paranoia,
will join the hysterical clowns–
to mess with my mind.