a dialectics of violence

Save on your mental shortcuts
in attempt to relive a second
that we just finished living!

That is always a trip:
through my mental roadblocks,
on my mental paternoster.

and I purposely forget the mnemonic,
a conjuration–
an abracadabra
that we just expelled on each other.

Take your perfume and a crossbow
and go hunt alligators in The Miami-Dade sewer system.

and I’ll do the dishes after the dinner.


a circus

A red clown–
standing upside down:
dismembered-dressed by the cubist mind
into the geometrical psychosis;
balancing on his red nose
on the tip of a pyramid.

and a white clown is cycling around,

I don’t laugh.

(annoyed and tired)

I Need a drink or a joint, or both.

(I really don’t mind)

Hence that will be a bad example
to the children around.

And as follows anxiety and paranoia,
will join the hysterical clowns–
to mess with my mind.