Author, living in NYC, thankful for the everyday I live. I’m trying to find positive in everything, a believer. The Truth is everywhere.


write, comment, share you thoughts.

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26 thoughts on “about

  1. I’m genuinely glad that I stumbled across your blog…your writing is beautiful…leaves traces of truth..I can not wait to read more of your work:)
    With much blessings

  2. Hi. How are you? (That sounds weirdly formal, or maybe just weird..) I was thinking about you. (also sounds weird, I’m on a weird roll, I guess.)

    Just stopping in.

    Ah fuck it. To be honest, I’m feeling shitty and lonely and reaching out to someone who was at one point casually kind to me. Sorry. Pathetic, I know. Maybe you could write a cool poem about it?

    Anyway, I really would like to know how you are.

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