dreams #4

suddenly I woke up.
stripped down from the dreams.

I was laying on my bed naked,
waiting for the sun,
to cover my abasement
with shadows.

yet the sun didn’t come,
it even refused to peek inside
through the dusty shades
on the windows.

confined to the gloom
I fell back into the slumber,
decorating myself with the attire
of dreams.

then I realized
that the sun always shines,
it just can’t penetrate
the soil.

the salt #3/a lament

the past days of the salt
a present days in the Sodom.
feeble recollections have
turned into the intoxicating self pity,
an expired glory,
yet disintegrated from the memory.

a hoarse lament,
that moaned from the cordless throat
of an unborn specimen
doomed to be fed,
to the hungry desert
that drinks tears and devours flesh.

till the lighting
will strike the surface
and the ground will arc,
like a body,
a virgin is at her prime.

but till then,
count the bodies
singing laments.

eternal #22

a precious stone
in enclosed ignorance,
is hidden behind the husk.

an ember,
without a chance to burn,
is quietly smoldering.

a daydream about someone
who will appreciate
the unpolished panes
of a gem.

panes that cut deep,
yet the blood from the wound
has the same taste as a blood
from a bitten lip.

withering wither
don’t lament your purity
or quest for an essence of love.

it is your pick to wake up
with the bland taste in the mouth
or with the taste of blood
on a bitten lip.

étude #13 / a smile

the hues of red in your eyes.
a glint of a wine.

you were flirting with me,
revealing your clandestine

travelling between the reminisces of bygone,
I was barely paying attention
to the confining clatter.

(surveying you).

once amused by your innocence
nowadays realized,
how persuasive I was.

you were subtly tying the leash
around my neck gradually
squeezing my self preservation.


and yes!
I will let my psyche leak
into this grip.

I’d rather lose myself exploring her curves
rather caring about the reasoning
her guile.