a circus

A red clown–
standing upside down:
dismembered-dressed by the cubist mind
into the geometrical psychosis;
balancing on his red nose
on the tip of a pyramid.

and a white clown is cycling around,

I don’t laugh.

(annoyed and tired)

I Need a drink or a joint, or both.

(I really don’t mind)

Hence that will be a bad example
to the children around.

And as follows anxiety and paranoia,
will join the hysterical clowns–
to mess with my mind.



the inanity (part #5).


Our systems of coordinates don’t match
so does the direction of the revolving doors
we’re in:
while I’m trying to get out,
you are on your way in.

You are a magnifying glass,
I am only a reflection of me.

When we converse,–
I say a lot;
you are the static on the other end of the line.

You are long legs, the fetish,–
a reverie;
I’m your disfigured shadow on the floor.

— “A pardon, what time is now?”
— “What does a series of faceless frames really mean?”