eternal #15/a lullaby

a bicycle ride,
occasionally changing lanes.

a nameless blood cell
in the pulsating vein.

adrenaline shots on the tab,
maneuvers between the taxis.

a sperm in the fallopian tube,
is wandering in vain.

it is not about you,
it is also not about me.

late night arguments, –
a prolix

of the honking cars
on the avenues of New York.

a multistory living,
confined by the curbs.

it is almost a midnight,
the skyline is the new milky way.

angels are watching over
the traffic on a highway.

go to sleep.

metamorphosis #4

for many years
you stare into the sand clock
and wait until the last grain drops.

then you throw yourself
into the thousands hungry hands
that’ll rend your body into tiny bits
to bare your panting soul
and dispose
it into the reeking pit,
to rot.

when they’ll finish slabber
your remains.

they’ll set you back.

erect you on your anesthetized feet
and gawk
at you.

no pain
no anticipation
no regret.