a volcanic activity

you are the river,
flowing between the ridges
of crumpled blankets,
throws and pillows.

I am the sweltering lava
a waste of a kinetic energy
harrowed by a delinquency,
a dejecting mix of beer and bourbon.

and the tectonic plates diverging
through growing futility,
and aggravating anxiety.
(a volcanic activity).

evaporating water, –
the simplicity of self-destruction!
cools lava down
transforming it into the silent stone.

in any event
every one of us
is imprisoned by
our own

an enkindle

the headlights of a car approaching  from the opposite direction
or a paid electric bill.

it is the silence on the other side of the phone line
or another bottle of cheap beer that you drink.

it is the nuclear explosion on TV
or the dead fly that float in your cup of morning coffee.

it is the splinter in your palm
or the moment in the past where you were caught in bed with your neighbor’s daughter.

it is the pain of birth,
or last grasp of the air.

eternal #12/the battle

I offended the darkness,
by lighting a match!

it was is anxiously repining
in the retreating dimness.

like a melting vintage 16mm film,
that leaves behind
a bare chasm.

but the darkness is cunning,
it is always takes everything back.

when the oxygen runs out,
when the wood burns down.

the gloom devours you entirely,
leaving a bare chasm in your mind.

and burned fingertips.