a spy

Every morning I see this guy
standing at the same bus stop as I am,
waiting for a same bus as I am.

He always wears a perfectly fitted suit,
carries an expensive leather briefcase.

His eyes are always hiding behind the sunglasses,
even when it is raining,
always looking at some undefined spot.


Always on time.

I call him “a spy”.

I am sure nobody cares about him,
but I was always curios about what does he do.

This morning I learned
that he always takes this bus
to the mental clinic
where he receives his treatments every day.

Now I am wandering what people may think of me,
while I am standing at the bus stop
and flapping my wings of silver and bronze
from time to time.


today #3

The music of public toilets
and rumbling stomachs.

I have noticed that entropy
has recently increased–
the system is sealed-closed.

a breakthrough discovery of
Gravitational Waves now
helps me better understand
the ripples in the curvature
of my blanket, left by my
youngest daughter when she comes
to sleep in our bed almost every night.

The freshly ground coffee, sleet
and the stench in the morning subway
a perfect mix for another day of casuistry¹
during a selfie taking session.

some prayers seems to be answered.

… yet the bombs keep falling.

  1. Casuistry – reasoning used to resolve moral problems by extracting or extending theoretical rules from particular instances and applying these rules to new instances.


I like to look at my shadow in the mornings
when it still tall and slim.

When the air is crisp and clear,
and still empty from the sounds of the honking cars
and sirens of the emergency vehicles.

When the NYPD School Crossing Guards ladies are still smiling
while I’m crossing the street on a Green Light;
as the stoned construction workers are still mellow,
and drinking their coffee during a smoke break.

When the school kids are laughing and chattering
in the line to enter their school.

I like to look at my shadow in the mornings
when it still tall and slim.

When I still find your hair tangled in my beard
and the sensation of your warm skin is still lingering
on my lips.