a full stop

Take my hand and lead me through these long isles
of human desolation;
over burning bushes and forsaken altars of pride.

Carry me over of Sulfur rivers of guilt,
while thousands of zombified adolescents
bemoaning their implanted memories of glorious past.

I traveled from Providence to Death Valley
in quest of those who knows The Meaning,
but didn’t meet any single soul occupying living bodies.

The resurrection of Lizard King was cancelled by the unions.
Prayers exfoliating in tinfoil scales
while undermined street sweepers cabaret dancing
between piles of dung.

I peeked through the gates of abandoned cities,
whispered wishes through the cracked windows.
I drank with sailors in bars of Portland Maine,
but never met Epione* sitting at the bar.

Listen to the neighbor’s radio playing Lacrimosa
while he’s frying eggs with veggie bacon.
Lay me down into the artificial womb
and feed me with milk and honey.

‘Till the spaceship will brings us all
closer to the event horizon.

Full stop.

  • In Greek mythology goddess of soothing

a salamander’s dream

​rummaging in the warren of my consciousness,

searching for an ore-like-inclusions
into the fabric of time
for some recollection
of how it was when I still could grasp the meaning of pain.
… a thrist
… a rage
… a ravaging tide of phantom emotions
(I forgot how to breath under the water)

I’m the sadomasochistic axolotl of my own deceit, —
cutting myself: a piece, after a piece;
then swallowing those pieces,
listening to the hissing of a gastric acid.

yet they regenerate in a jiff.

… and so on
and nobody can’t stop this cannibalistic paraphernalia.

all the memories are only a multiplication of the same recollection of an untangled

a rigor mortis of time.

and all the cracks on my lips, —
are matching your scars.

the inanity (part #6)

a vision of the delirious sprockets operator:
Alice falling down the rabbit hole;
raining girls,
raining paratroopers,
buttons of the various colors,
burning candles falling in slo-mo.

throbbing cavities, —
inevitable coital incontinence.


violating geometry of your soul.
a second hand nightmares for sale:
“one for the price of all”.

“did you ever loved us?”

“What difference does it make now?!”

I cover myself with an old blanket,
with a picture of Hanna Montana reading Pravda.

(end of the reel)

a cicatrize

Unfamiliar voices behind ancient wall–
some old plumbing noises.

Tried to reach out to you lately–
wrong number, wrong time or maybe wrong dimension.

Three pizza pies with olives and a soda can
with a pack of Department of State cookies.

When the summer will fade;
a quelled fall won’t bring any redemption.

One eagle comes, One eagle eats, One eagle retires–
nonetheless the wound will be healed by tomorrow.

I was curios; I poked a hole
in the fabric of the Universe to relieve sexual pressure.

I binge watched you through that hole
browsing Web in the quest for self-expression.

This tired cuckoo clock on the wall
is confusing seconds in psychedelic raving.

Tomorrow the eagle will come back
for another lesson in grateful craving.

You can call me Prometheus,
but I’d rather be dubbed as the Marlboro Man.