no feelings

an introverted morning
a lukewarm coffee
I’m on the bus
you’re waiting

an airport
just quickly passing
meet me at the terminal
we’ll watch departing airplanes together
our minds
are also departing
in opposite directions
no hard feelings
no hard feelings

a therapy for losers
a monotonic skyline
of the City

a maculated night
a barren morning
I’m aimlessly fumbling in my pockets
you’re looking at the oversized baby
on the poster

no hard feelings
no hard feelings

no feelings


the sand

he stepped outside
outside of his dream
into the sand
same sand that was spilled
over the black cloth of the night sky

he stood
engulfed in silence

his shadow was laying on the sand
quite blase

he was praying
nobody heard him
except myriads
grains of sand

they still remember his words
till this day

… and tonight we’ll dance

… and tonight we’ll dance
slowly circling on the tip the world
that is idly submerging
in the ocean of the people’s ignorant deeds

I will hold your back firmly but gentle
not like we were dancing for the first time
(we were young and helplessly embarrassed)

and the music, will not envelope us this time
like it is shown in those old Disney movies
about dancing synthetic princesses with their anemic guys

but you are my queen and our kingdom is still afloat
beating the storms of the mundane ado

you’ll lay your hands on my shoulders
and let me dissolve in your eyes
to become once again one creation

… but tonight we’ll dance