​Tres Hermanicas Eran *

Three sisters lived in town, —
two got married;
one had another plans.

I knew her,
she was weaving dandelion circlets
at the dawn
and playing with the orphans in the narrow streets of our town.

She ended up locked inside
in the high tower in the middle of sea,
by her beloved father.

Many tried to had her flesh
or her heart…

They all dead now, but who counts.

Fish food, fish food…

A fish doesn’t discriminate by the bloodline.

Tres hermanicas eran.
a premonition of a war.

a woman is sitting next to me,
she’s preaching about the upcoming Apocalypse.

She turns to the river,
to the clouds to the dormant in this summer heat Brooklyn with her presentment;

I am drinking my beer, —
watching gliding seagulls.

Tres hermanicas eran.

I know their blood is running in my veins,
so as the salt of the sea
and sweat on their skin
under the Mediterranean sun.

They all dead by now,
by a sword or by fire,
by a firing squad
or by the gas.

I know, because I saw
the dandelion crown washed to the beach.

Tres hermanicas eran.

  • A medieval sephardic love song.

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