the inanity (part I)


those who are conducting the marches
of the shopping carts on a parade
playing music of chiming clocks
and the funeral tolls,

who are cooking their meals
using recipes from the Book of the Dead
playing with children Millgram experiment
and the Stockholm syndrome,

those who are looking at the sun
through the reflection on a bayonet
while preaching equality
but worth maybe a masticated toothpick,

those who are drawing graffiti
of the Biblical scenes on the wall
and then bulldozing them
into mass graves,

who are dancing step dance on the concrete
clapping their hands covered with blood
of the sacrificial fowl
eaten alive while watching football,

those who are hiding under blankets of secrecy
while spraying organic weed with DDT
who is making blowup dolls
out of suicide bombers remains,

the midnight brawls to
preserve mind in the jars
filled with your favorite vodka
and the nicotine oil,

who are writing their prayers
on a cigarette paper
rolling joints and selling to clergy
in some poorly illuminated alleys,

seducing young sophomores with
the free perk to Mars expedition
and a deck of playing cards
with most wanted Iraqis.


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