today #3

The music of public toilets
and rumbling stomachs.

I have noticed that entropy
has recently increased–
the system is sealed-closed.

a breakthrough discovery of
Gravitational Waves now
helps me better understand
the ripples in the curvature
of my blanket, left by my
youngest daughter when she comes
to sleep in our bed almost every night.

The freshly ground coffee, sleet
and the stench in the morning subway
a perfect mix for another day of casuistry¹
during a selfie taking session.

some prayers seems to be answered.

… yet the bombs keep falling.

  1. Casuistry – reasoning used to resolve moral problems by extracting or extending theoretical rules from particular instances and applying these rules to new instances.

4 thoughts on “today #3

  1. Hm, must you be difficult lol. I mean there are images in your words that make me feel hopeful, but those same images a moment later make me feel bitter. Perhaps it’s my just own reflection I’m seeing. Anyway, you should take it as a compliment. Not everyone can achieve such juxtaposition in a poem.

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