names of those who doesn’t have a name
anymore, carved into the flesh
of the stones.

names of those who were buried below
and long time forgotten by the walking

these stones were uprooted,
crushed and displaced;
aching teeth in the old man’s gums.

some are peeking through grass
some are now paving the road
bashfully hiding the names
in the dirt.

When I was in the elementary school I was walking through the park on my way to the tennis courts. I always saw some “odd” looking stones with the names carved on them
with the alphabet I didn’t know, back then.

Later I learned that these stones where the gravestones from the destroyed during the WWII old Jewish cemetery. People who lived nearby used these rocks as a pavement. After the war Soviets, built a park on top, leaving some of left over rocks scattered randomly in the area.

Now I can read, and understand all these epitaphs that were carved on these stones.
But this is another story.


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