a robot

I became an accidental character
in the world I created.

it exists by itself
like a classic wind-up Japanese robot
from the nineteen forties.

with a loud mechanical noise
it walks changing its directions unpredictable;
it makes random stops
or suddenly runs amok.

I can’t stop him,
because I have slight limp in my right leg
and can’t run fast enough.

I yell at him “Hey you, dummy!
Stop. You don’t have eyes or ears.
You may trip and fall,
and break something
or someone.

Your heart is just a spring,
that will eventually rust
because of this humidity
in New York City.”

but the robot doesn’t listen to me,
it keeps walking,
bumping into the walls of the labyrinth
that we call life.

one day, I’ll catch it
and turn it off.


6 thoughts on “a robot

    1. Thank you, Tin Man, is a great movie. This is not a new idea, from even before the Tin Man. This is my take on it, and of course superimposed on myself.. How egoistic from me ))

  1. Hey…better than Oz behind the curtain. Everyone loves the Tin Man. We are all archetypes of our own making. (Did I just say that????) Fun poem…!

    1. Haha, thank you. Yes, we are, and you are absolutely right, to be honest, the Tin Man has a soft heart, it is tough to live with the soft heart, nowadays )

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