ètude #21/ a cliché

then you’ll send me your insecurities
wrapped into your recent misunderstandings.

(haven’t seen you for a while, yet didn’t miss you)

the envelope will be tied
with the elegant lace from your shoe.

(a fetish, to tickle my libido)

and it will be delivered
by a guy that looks a like a bouquet of
the masculine stereotypes.

(another tickle)

I’ll open the envelope and read’em,
probably a few times;
then I will have a drink.

(a few drinks)

I’ll put the bottle on your letter,
because “Paper has no soul – you can put anything on it”,
even the cliches.

then I’ll forget about this.


2 thoughts on “ètude #21/ a cliché

  1. this is great – the bouquet of masculine stereotypes and the nonchalance of this poem really strikes a chord (there’s another poetic cliché for you!) – nice work.

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