eternal #23 / we

there is a glass screen, – between us,
and myriads of electrons are going back and forth.

and they never get tired to make us;
and to make us close, yet that far.

me and you, –
same electrons that are going back and forth,
and a pinch of Higgs Bosons,
for a weight.

for the weight, – to make us real,
because we are not always real.

and there is God,
who sees us both,
behind the glass;

and moves it all
back and forth
back and forth.


4 thoughts on “eternal #23 / we

  1. I don’t know what to think about this… I’m not sure if I should cry or laugh hysterically. I. Was. Moved… The construction of your words…

      1. Where do you derive your inspiration sir :). I’ve never heard anything like this because I’ve been beneath a small rock, a pebble actually. Where can I find more like this? What do you read? I want to get into your mind…

      2. Awe, thank you, Marcus. The answer, I am not sure you will like, but it is the last two stanzas of this poem. All I am doing is I am taking what I have been given and I ask for; and of course being thankful for that. 🙂

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