memento #5

it took a few thousand years
to this pebble end up on the shore,
today, underneath my foot.

I was walking along the shore of Northern Long Island.

my son was following me, collecting some broken seashells,
and throwing rocks back to oblivion
of another couple of thousands years.

they were washed to the shore,
by the musing ocean.
I was musing too, about that small pebble,
that I nonchalantly shook off my shoe.

the plastic container in my hand, was almost
filled up to the top, with the treasure,
that my son collected on the shore.

ocean didn’t care much, about us.
we were similar to the
clams, oysters, horseshoe crabs and other dead creatures,
that my son found on the beach.

just specs.

the lifeguards left at five, but people were still


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