the weather man

you shouldn’t trust his tongue,
babe, –
he is the weather man.

you shouldn’t trust your ears,
babe, –
when you hear him talking.

don’t forget your umbrella, –
he lied about the rain.

don’t forget your sunscreen, –
he lied about the heat.

he will make you wet,
and he will make you dry,
he is getting paid
for all his lies.

he talks about tsunami
and spreads the fear about
the the storms.

he knew about the Flood, babe,
but didn’t say a word.

he also knew about the iceberg,
that sank the boat.

he controls the traffic,
he controls the mood
he control your desires
by the color of his suit.

just don’t trust his tongue, babe
and don’t look into his eyes.

he is a weather man.
weather man, O’ yeah!


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