light PM rain

she came with the light PM rain,
we haven’t spoken since the high school.

she moved to London.
I stayed around.

“how do you feel”, I asked.
(I know she was coping with the health problems).

“I look good, that’s the main thing, right?”, she answered.
“we are getting older, you know, but you are getting younger.
that’s encouraging”, I replied.

I felt like a jellyfish on my new blood pressure medication.

she said, “nowadays easier being bipolar, than with the high blood pressure”.

“how are the kids, wife, Ok?”
I nodded, yes.

I put the paper boat,
that I just made out of the menu,
in runlet on the street.

“I got to go, see you around”, she said.

she got into the yellow cab,
and left into the light PM rain.

the paper boat fell
into the


6 thoughts on “light PM rain

  1. Great use of narrative form in poetry….I don’t have the courage to break that far outta my comfort zone.

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