of mice traps and men

at times,

the pain of amputated memory returns;
you find yourself next to the rusted cage with piece of molded cheese in.

a sadomasochistic dream that glamorously devours your reality within.

the memories the hail of fire
and swarms of lethal wasps of led,
that bite.

the semi-naked prophet, that having seizure on the sand.
a chaos of his words.
a vortex of debris that rips the flesh apart,
and blood that streams.

the snake of pain that sleeps within,
is finally awake.

(lazy yawns)

the hungry sand, – absorbing blood,
absorbing words,
absorbing visions, memories.

the smell of cheese evoking appetite,
it envelopes your mind
it calls you in.

the gate is open.

will you crawl inside?


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