Norm was an accountant in the bank
lived monotonous life of middle-aged bachelor
ambition-less and quiet

one night he had a dream
that he is married to Marie Antoinette
and living thriving life of French royalty

next morning he as always went to work
with the swarm of butterflies in his belly
(the miracle will happen, – soon)

the day went well as the day can go
spent between meaningless small-talks
and monochrome numbers on the screen

at lunch break Norm went to luncheonette
opened the refrigerator door
the door made sound of Han Solo’s blaster

he didn’t find his lunchbox on the shelf
rather found himself laying, surrounded by the cheering crowd
and slicing sound of the guillotine

we often make miscalculations in our hopes
instead of multiplying them by one
we are dividing them by zero


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