the guests

I was visiting my friend the other day
I had a bottle of vodka in the right pocket of my coat
and a long Saturday night in my left

he told me before, that he has guests

when I entered his dining room
the guests were sitting at the table
same face
same head shape
same hat on each head
three brothers, different ages

(later, I told my friend that they’re making an impression of the guests
that will never leave)

during the dinner they were quiet
looking at me, like three owls on a twig
winking behind their glasses

(I think there was some sort of code in their winks)

at some point the guests left the room, taking an unfinished bottle of vodka with them
and the long Saturday night too

later, when I was laying in the bed I was thinking about the guests

I often try to feel the others through myself
they were sitting on a twig
arguing what three wishes they should ask me to do for them
while I was confined in the empty vodka bottle


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