Tony B and the future of the electricity

as I was walking on my street, a car stopped by
a man came out of the car, in shining shoes, tie, grey suit

Hi, I am Tony, he said, Tony B.
(pointing on the poster of him on his car door)
nice, I said, you have a poster of yourself on your car, you wear a different suit there
he wasn’t expecting to this, I guess

so how can I help you Tony, Tony B, i asked
you don’t look lost to me, or willing to ask me about where you can buy a gallon of milk

he said, yes, maybe you can help me, if you want
I need you to vote for me, for the local birds counters union

is there such a profession, a birds counter, I asked
yes, he answered, we must count birds, on the electric cables
to know if we need to place more utility poles and route more cables

nonsense, I cried, I was about to say more
but he got a phone call and momentarily lost any interest in me

the rest of my way I spent thinking about what if Nikola Tesla was able to finish his Wardenclyffe Tower and about the future of the wireless transmission
I felt constantly being watched by the perching crows on the electric cable


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