The Urban Sleeping Beauty

another exhausted morning
is wrapped in the dreary grey clouds
the existence is still submerged in the slumber
for one more dawn, everything is begging around

my urban beauty is sleeping
in her tempered glass sarcophagus
her lost hopes are stuffed in the pillow
of white silk, made in China, from the recycled plastic

the wake up kiss is bluntly forgotten
I probably left it somewhere on the Subway
one of those nights when I was moping around
trying to find myself lost in self pity

those tangled rails still scraping the banks
of the lethargic river that drags its flabby waters
across monotonic views of late autumn
smeared with the wistful flights of the seagulls

I stare at this scene which slowly dances before me
silently sending my dreams toward these mournful clouds
wishing, pleading that somehow my kiss will be returned
so I may breathe life into your rest

my silent hope whisks away in this forlorn river
flowing to the dawn enticing it for one more sunrise
I’m erasing this picture from the silence of canvas
to draw your portrait with blue cobalt

this brushed condo, two kids a cat on the windowsill
a flatscreen TV, on the couch chugging my beer
I see you’re next to the sink washing the dishes
is this a dream that you were dreaming about

in that tempered glass sarcophagus…

© jadedmess 2014 / © dעr tאlmid 2014
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10 thoughts on “The Urban Sleeping Beauty

  1. It has been a true honor writing with you. Thanks for accepting my words and blending them in with yours 🙂 I love this poem.

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