she was reading the poem

I was driving to Brooklyn
the other day
and heard your poem on the radio
you were reading it
your enigmatic voice
sounded close, very familiar
(strange, you know)
the air was vibrating on the same frequency
as the radio waves
fell from the sky
in ecstasy
people could sense your words with their skin
some looked for the shelter
from its microwave-burning sensation
which got deep down through their flesh
ripping their souls out
GPS devices froze
cars stalled in the streets
mine stopped too
the was only your voice in the air
lying Brooklyn in the front
and the premonition of the catastrophe


4 thoughts on “she was reading the poem

  1. I love this, Arkady. Your words draw sharp images and evoke strong emotion. I enjoy reading your stuff – immensely! BTW- I think there’s a typo in this piece “trough” should be “through?” Keep ’em coming. 😉

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