today, I met Jonah for the third time

stuck in the subway car.

(wry face, agoraphobic).

the narcissistic conscience
is trying to repel the unstoppable self-nullification.


a boy eating a chicken breast sandwich.
a young woman is sitting next to him and playing on her phone.
their facial expressions are bluntly identical.


periodically the sharp shrieking noise penetrates the skull-bone,
the last defense of my swollen mind.

one guy is walking from one end of the car to another
he lost himself between the people,
chanting nonsensical mantras.

“dee-dee, daa-daa, doo-doo, the toothless wolf will come for you.”
(he stops next to me, I look at him)
“it must be you has been swallowed again?
there must be helluva storm on the surface”.


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