about two

one flesh & blood,
no more.
one soul,
they never had.
– two.
always two.
this is always about two.
now they try,
to become one again.
they always tried,
all their lives.
but they will never will.
– why?
b/c it is about two.
two gravitates to each other.
– one?


9 thoughts on “about two

      1. I understand it! The two are supposed to become one… Yet they never do … Because it’s always about themselves individually… It’s easier to understand then it is to explain. I love this one too:)

      2. Yes and no. First man was created as a man and a woman in one body. Then God split them into two separate beings. (Rib and side is the same word in Hebrew, I guess it is bad translation which led to this understanding). Since then, they are trying to become one flesh and blood again, but it can’t happen. Therefore the only way to become one is to understand/emphasize each other

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