a smile

she was riding on the bike
along the riverbank,
on the breezy spring day.

the wind was playing w/her hair
the wind was taking smiles from her lips
& sticking’em into people’s faces,
which were running
in the opposite direction.

some people continued running,
like nothing really happen’d.
some blushed in confusion,
and thank’d her.

one young man,
ran after her, shouting poetry.
he tripped over something and fell,
the girl speed up,
& soon disappeared.

I have finished eating my apple,
got on my bike
& went my way.
Her smile in my pocket,
was warming
the skin under my shirt.


4 thoughts on “a smile

  1. this is beautiful, I love the part about the guy running after her shouting poetry, and then the last line about feeling it burning through the breast pocket. just beautiful!

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