re-creation/what is broken can be fixed

ripped awkwardly
broken up puzzle’dly
fragments of desire
fragments of reality
electric bulb’d crushed
multicolored marbled-scattered
on the hardwood floor,
can’t put back?
squeak-squeak, baubles-baubles

segments of imagination
segments of true sensation
put them into the consciousness pot
melt in murano-glass’d bubble blues
or lemon-lollipop’d sour-sweet yellow melancholy
pour into the soul-shaped silicon mold
blow inside some free will
happy birthday
puff-puff, baubles-baubles


3 thoughts on “re-creation/what is broken can be fixed

  1. I don’t quite get the theme of apostrophe’s, but i like the style and content of the poem.

    flesh tears, it grows back together, it can’t help itself. bones break, and are sometimes put through a rebreaking if they do not heal properly, they are reset and grow back together, they can’t help it. people break splitting like atoms or chromosomes, they don’t have to grow back together, they can help it, so when they do, this is a phenomenal thing. thank goodness for glue.

    1. It was a flash thought of, what could be done if the soul breaks, shatters. You can’t put back the pieces like a an electric bulb. The only way to fix it is to melt it

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