we sat
just met
latte for you
double espresso for me
we sat
just met

we had a small talk
the lazy cat laid on the sidewalk
I was asking
but, you weren’t answering, just grinned
I tried
as we sat
just met

I had a monologue
the lazy cat was purring
we sat under the tree
why a tree?
to eat the fruit
but this tree doesn’t bring any fruits
it gives the shadow
(and the shadow is a fruit)
– eat

I can fly a plane, or operate a train.
five thousand years ago
there were no planes
neither were the trains
but there were same people
I know they were asking me same questions.
but we sat
just met
(you knew me from before)

do I have a choice to believe you?
he stood up paid for two cups, and left
I sat
I had another shot of espresso


3 thoughts on “questions

  1. this began as a light, breathy beauty, and ended up as a bittersweet beauty. very good writing, you have a great way of expressing your thought and feeling, it is truly unique.

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